Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Raksha Bandhan !!!

No office today. Great :-) !

And luckily I have received the Rakhis as early as 29th july. Today morning (read 10.30 AM) when I tore the envelope, two beautiful Rakhis caught my attention. One of them, as you can see in the picture, has a Peacock affixed on it. Designer Rakhis, I would say. And surely,a perfect selection by my elder sister Pinkynani ( 'nani' in Oriya means elder sis).

The five fingers in this picture can be best described as my 5 sisters from whom I expected Rakhis. Although three more Rakhis are yet to be received, I have already received (the more valuable) Raksha Bandhan wishes from the oh-we-missed-the-target date sisters. I hope same is the case with my brothers 'Babubhaina' and 'Bububhaina' ( 'Bhaina' in Oriya means Big Bro)

Heartfelt thanks to the SPLENDID 5......
...and also to Cadbury and Nestle (Our Celebration Partners)

Wishing all of you (this includes the readers also :-)) a Happy Raksha Bandhan.

For those of you, who would like to have a 'Zoomed in' view of the Rakhis, here is a chance.

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