Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Life, why so serious ?

Why Honda Jazz didn’t sell ? Cause it’s Sales Team said, ‘One Life, why so serious ?‘ Zoya also says the same thing. But interestingly that’s exactly why ‘ZNMD’ works.

" Dilon mein tum apni betaabiyan leke chal rahe ho, toh zinda ho tum…
Nazar mein khwaabon ki bijliyan leke chal rahe ho, toh zinda ho tum…

Jo apni aankhon mein hayraniyan leke chal rahe ho, toh zinda ho tum…
Dilon mein tum apni betaabiyan leke chal rahe ho, toh zinda ho tum...”

Calling this a review would surely be inappropriate. You will soon realize why.

When plot of this movie started appearing in Wikipedia, I strongly felt : using the ‘Inception’ technology, Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti have stolen the idea of a get together from my mind and made a movie over night. Such is the advancement of technology these days !!!

This movie couldn’t have come at a better time. Since last three weeks, I am in the center of all arrangements going on for the 2nd ‘TRUE GET TOGETHER’ of 7 friends to be held on 13th August 2011.

After the terrible shock/disappointment of ‘Delhi Belly’ (1st time in last 10 years, Aamir Khan Productions has disappointed us with an unbelievable ‘slang-is-the-Gen Z formula-for-commercial-success’ film), ZNMD comes as the much needed source of inspiration and holds back our belief in Good cinema. So much so that it led me to write this blog.
Last when did you go on a trip with close friends where you simply eased yourself by returning to the good old childhood days…shared your present problems with friends…listened to their problems..helped solving them….of course apart from miles of tracking, bungee jumping, water rafting, para gliding, mountaineering…or if not anything else simply sitting idle while watching the scenic beauty around ???

Doesn’t sound different ? Dil Chahta Hai, 3 Idiots, RDB, Rock On.. the list is endless. Right. But what makes ‘ZNMD’ different is the unique and refreshing treatment of an extremely simple plot with the visual grandeur of picturesque Spain brought to life by a rock solid star cast who not only live up to expectation but also surprises through their never-seen-before chemistry.
There is no denial in this. ‘Friends are the ones who understand you best’. Its cause, they are the ones with whom you can be yourself..more importantly - Always. ‘ZNMD’, a title creatively derived from the title song of brothers Film ‘ROCK ON’, is a splendid visual treat for people from all walks of life to return to the basic : It’s the journey that matters; not the destination’.

How mysterious and contradictory life is !!! Those who are kids, keep on fantasizing how they will grow old and be like their father/mother. And those who have attained the apex of maturity, want to go back to those curiosity /excitement filled childhood days. After all, what is life without those vigorous/ fun filled aura of friends/friendship ? Blame it on Zoya and Reema (The story writers), if the hilarious ‘Diamond Biscuit' poem , the ‘scary’ pranks, the children like fight and a recall of Doordarshan theme song make you nostalgic and take you back to that ‘na aayegi dobara’ moments of your school/college days.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.’ So true. Breathtaking are the moments for both the audience as well as ‘The Three Musketeers’ who indulge themselves in three extreme adventure sports as a Matter-of-PACT while getting over their phobias; namely scuba diving, sky diving, bull fighting. So captivating are the frames which take the audience to the non-ending depths of sea bed, the feel-like-bird flying experience & the run- for- your- life bull fighting that for a moment you doubt whether the makers would have tried one extra dimension for an added ‘immersive experience’. Carlos Catalan as cinematographer has accomplished sort of Bollywood milestone especially when it comes to shooting the underwater scenes. Also creditworthy is the Art Designer for the famous 'La Tomatina,' which has been re-created perfectly for the song ‘Ek Junoon’.

Any person like me who has grown up in a joint family and loves to organize events, get together will feel like being ON SCREEN for 135 Minutes ( the running length) of ZNMD. Thanks to Kabir, the anchor. And who else can better tell how difficult is to organize get-to of friends at a stage, where everyone has his own priority. In our case (real life), interestingly and unfortunately, Rahul, the very ‘character ‘who conceptualized this year’s get –to is not able to attend it because of his no-time-to breathe schedule in IIML. Work at office, No leave, Family commitment, classes, illness the reasons can range in billions, but the anchor shouldn’t give up. He/She should not only ensure that it happens as planned, but also make sure that everyone enjoys it to its fullest. And to a soon-to-be-married-bachelor, the very thought of missing all the excitements ,fun and pranks scares badly, takes all the smiles away as if they were never there. That too at the expense of marrying to a girl friend who takes the Diamond ring as your proposal not even bothering to think that it can be a gift intended for your mom’s birthday. Abhay,'the first ever non-Angry Deol', has undoubtedly played a Brilliant Kabir. And Kalki Koechlin (Dev D girl)starring opposite to him has also done justice to her role of over protective fiancée. Their proven chemistry works wonder once again.

Farhan as the soulful, jolly,care free Imraan with his situational poems reminds you of father Javed who has left no-stones-unturned to mesmerize us with his awe-inspiring poetic talent. Imraan is spontaneous. His larger-than- God treatment of a Ladies Bag which he visualizes as a Billion-dollar-lady, his scared-to-death fear for sky diving and the unlikely ‘Hindi’ romance with a ‘Spanish’ girl are moments which make you think that Farhan-the-producer has come out with a flawless Akhtar-the-actor.

Last but not the least it’s THR RETURN of Hrithik– THE ACTOR, which doubles this movie’s ‘Surprise Quotient’. After Kites – The Heights, Guzaarish – The Crisis, its ZNMD- Taarif milegi Dobara. As Farhan/Zoya clearly understand and go by the wise formula : ‘Use Hrithik’s dance talent only if the script demands’. We feel its high time for other film makers to follow suit. The magnificient transformation from an I-breathe-cash stockbroker Arjun to a man who just discovered meaning of life through scuba diving, to a love-struck, caring, emotional friend.. the other perfectionist, for heaven’s sake, returns to his charisma.

Katrina, after completing Nth movie with ‘Tees Maar Khan’, for critics delight, acts instead of worrying about ‘More makes-Ups. And her acting is convincing. Laila, the instructor is well cast and her pairing with Hrithik is certainly a welcome move and a praise worthy attempt by the makers.

A veteran like Naseeruddin Shah is not at an age, where we even think of judging his acting skills or performance. It’s his presence which speaks for itself. Even though for a cameo of 5 minutes.

Zoya who has to her credits the ONLY film with both Shahrukh and Aamir on board (although in different scenes) as evident from her debut 'Luck By Chance' knows the industry inside out. She has well accepted the challenge of delivering another off-formula movie which will surely lead ‘Excel Entertainment’ truly excel in the Entertainment business.

ZNMD’ is all about celebrating life and living each moment to the fullest. Go. Watch this movie with your friends. Who can guarantee that ‘such a LUCK, by CHANCE Milegi Dobara’ !!!

Rating : *****

-BnR Films


  1. Marvelous Biswa
    Eagerly waiting to watch the movie.

  2. Nice...'Life iz all abt the journey' so true.. me too waitin to watch..

  3. suresh kumar nandaJuly 18, 2011 at 11:47 AM

    I rarely watch movies. But after going through your blog, I think the movie is worth watching. Thanks.

  4. Sorry tinku i found it so late, It is really appreciable that u have started blogging.
    I must say u have got an excellent writing skill...

    If i get a chance then, I must watch the movie...

  5. Here goes the critics review ...

    BNR films have improvised a lot on its running commentary (as experts give it for movies).. I can clearly see a radical shift in the depth of analysis being shifted from story line & actor's performance to the granular details of cinematography n other departments of the movie which are generally missed by so called superficial reviewers. Looks like BNR is getting into the mood of "understanding" the movies now. Well done BNR .. keep it going.

    BNR seems to be a bit biased when he tried to impose his personal moral values on the new aamir khan creation. I would rather say "Delhi-Belly" a bold attempt in Bollywood to change the status quo and unfurl the hypocritical face of ours (Most of us use the slang but don't wanna admit it in Social forums). A reviewer/critics is supposed to present an unbiased opinion to its readers which BNR lacked here ...

    My personal thanks to BNR for providing me a space in his new article ... ZNMD is a must watch & will do it with old friends "Priti coming to Lucknow next week"

  6. @ Everyone - Thanks a lot for your valuable comments which keeps me motivating..keeps me going...

    @ Rahul - Special thanks for the in-depth analysis and the appreciation which are key to our emergence as a critic.

    The moment I wrote about 'Delhi Belly', I was almost sure that 'I am inviting another blog' :-)
    After getting the anticipated criticisms, I would like to make few things clear so as to avoid misconception. First and foremost thing : my view on 'DELHI BELLY' has got no connection with my personal moral values.

    Based on requests from friends I am posting my 'unedited review'.

  7. My take on Delhi Belly :

    Personally I dont think its difficult to make a movie like Delhi Belly. And coming to YO generations emotions ...these are increasingly being portrayed in so many other movies these days : Rock On, DCH, Yuva, Salaam Namaste, Break Ke Baad, Dil Toh Bacha Hai Jee, Pyaar Ka Panchanama, I hate luv stories, Jhootha hi sahi, Kites, Band Baja name a few...

    Unhygienic way of living too is not an uncommon scene - Slumdog Millionaire, Black and White, Munna Bhai, Dhobi Ghat, Aamir, ...almost all movies which show Mumbai slums/Dhobi Ghats, Old Delhi areas/ slums near Delhi's borders...are full of scenes which depict the unhealthy conditions...believe me if i say they are the easiest locations to shoot...unless u have got a special warning/restriction citing Terror threats..

    And slang - True that it represents reality..And to target the REAL AUDIENCE which uses slang in real life, there has been a flood of such movies : Omkara, Ishqiya (Vishal Bharadwaj series), LOC, No one killed Jessica, Raaz 2, Golmaal 3, Tanu weds Manu, Peopli Live, Bandit Queen, Gangajal ...endless whats new in dat ? Is it the over usage ?

    Do we want our next generation to follow suit ??.and continue/even increase the usage of all these slangs/expletives?? Is it not something which can purely be classified as BAD/Not RECOMMENDED...for all the negativity/damaging spirit/harmful effects it has got for our society/everyday life/our psychology where 'BEING POSITIVE' is as uncommon as Common Sense.....(Leave aside/forget all culture...ethics...moral values etc.)

    We believe...Film as a medium of Visual communication...has got a bigger responsibility than merely earning bread & Butter (read Profits) for its makers from the entertainment it provides...
    Over the time Aamir Khan Productions had earned a good reputation/respect of making movies which (apart from being radially different ) have not only provided wholesome entertainment (Read but also have succeded in inspiring/making an impact on the society/made everyone THINK : Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par , Peopli Live ....

    If not any message, at least spreading positive energy through their colourful presentation of vibrant and dynamic youth...( jaane tu yaa jaane naa)

    true that the world is full of negativity...and dats exactly where we need inspiration, motivation, right direction..Just because u have catered to the 'slang/vulagarity needy audience doest make u different from the lot unless ur film is not backed by a unique script/plot/story line...

    Chandni Bar...Page 3, Corporate, Traffic Signal, Fashion....Madhur Bhandarkar is well known for his treatment of Reality...the Other/'BAD' part of it...but for good reason...'Wednesday' in its strictest analysis used slangs...but for good....

    E.g...Three Idiots used i guess ZERO percent of d slangs used in Real Engg REAL students...still it represented its true form...i dont think the 'A' rated audience ( Adult) saw the movie as INCOMPLETE just because it didnt present slangs...

    True that rules are to be broken....But not necessarily all...if they are to be broken,dey must be done so for good....Aamir Khan productions dis time (contrary to our expectation) have not done anything inspirational or out-of-the-box...except for cashing in on the idea of using cheap dialogues/The so-called 'YO' slangs /vulgar expressions for the intended audience like majority of makers ?

    Like all Aamir Khan movies, this one also inspired me...but interestingly in a very different manner dis time....

    It inspired me/instilled confidence in me...for... I think I can write much better scripts...and stand a very good chance in getting a break at Aamir Khan Productions ever since a script like 'Delhi Belly' passed the test...:-)

    - BnR Films